How to Find Licensed Movers

Make sure you select licensed and insured companies for your moving quotes. Moving companies without license, insurance, trucks, facilities, etc give customers super low prices because they are not real companies. They don’t “pay the cost” of doing business ethically, and in turn damage the entire industry for legitimate businesses.

Before hiring a mover, it is best to choose a reputable mover. If you hire a mover based solely on the cheapest price, you may be sacrificing other things that are actually more important, such as getting your possessions moved and delivered on time. For moves from one State to another, a U.S. DOT number is issued by FMCSA. You can double-check a mover’s license by searching FMCSA’s database. This search is for inter-state moves only. Moves within the state requirements varies. Check with your state, county, and/or local agencies. Some states do regulate Household Goods(HHG Moves), while some states require DOT numbers.

Read “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” The Federal government and States that regulate Household Goods moves require your mover to give you the booklet. The content covers information you’ll need if your goods are lost or damaged during the move, binding & non-binding estimates rules, etc.


Ila Stancil is a Moving business consultant. She is also CEO of Bsecure Cleanout,LLC and Vice President at Black&White Moving.

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