“Don’t Leave Your Customers in the Dark.”

Moving companies have an opportunity to reduce customers’ anxiety by educating as much as possible. The initial phone call is a great way to seize the moment. When booking a move, company should discuss:

  • Sq. ft of home, although you may offer the largest box truck size 26ft, the move could have a larger capacity. 26 ft hold 4 bedrooms but often time customer may have tons of stuff. This is important to ask, for it reduce several trips and long hours. Costing the customer time and money. You may have to offer two 26 ft trucks or turn the job done and suggest customer find companies such as ABF.
  • Ask about heavy items: pianos, safe, gun safe, anything that weighs over 250 lbs. It’s not good to discover this on move day. Some moving companies charge extra for heavy lifting.This could be a headache for a customer to hear more charges incurred. One reason moving companies have to charge: a hand truck will not work rolling,  it will damage the dolly. Company will need to bring out the big boys, your appliance dolly. Another reason, more man power needed.
  • Travel time vs. Drive time: Many moving companies will bill for both drive time and travel fee.  Travel fee a one-time fee designed to offset the cost of movers traveling to customer 1st location and the return back to warehouse. Drive time actual time that it takes for movers to drive to and from your location. This is in reference to when does the billable time begin? The clock begins when moving company arrive at your first location and ends when they complete the move.
  • Educate customer on your valuation options vs. insurance.

I only named a few but they are very important pieces to the puzzle to having a stress-free move.

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