B&W Moving : How will movers protect furniture against damage?

In most cases the main reasons why people opt for #moving companies instead of taking on the burden of moving themselves is because of the safety issues. Moving companies have a variety of tools and materials that a regular homeowner doesn’t: several types of dollies and ramps for loading, a line of packing supplies, and the man power to move pounds’ worth of belongings in a great amount of time.

It’s important to know what steps a moving company will take to protect your furniture and home. This is often mistaken as movers aiming to run up the clock on your move.  What is expected?

  • Shrink Wrap– This is large sheet of plastic wrap that go around a piece a furniture or appliance to protect the surface and keep doors closed.
  • Moving Blankets– Material covered in plastic isn’t going to be able breath, something to consider if your items may sit in storage for a while. Moving blankets provide both a cushion as well as a protective layer.
  • Ramps and Dollies- Hand truck dollies, appliance dollies make it easy and safe to transport large items.
  • Tie Downs: Once the furniture is loaded on the truck, hooks and tie downs will be used to hold large items in place. This prevents shifting during transit.



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