B&W Moving : How will movers protect furniture against damage?

In most cases the main reasons why people opt for #moving companies instead of taking on the burden of moving themselves is because of the safety issues. Moving companies have a variety of tools and materials that a regular homeowner doesn’t: several types of dollies and ramps for loading, a line of packing supplies, and the man power to move pounds’ worth of belongings in a great amount of time.

It’s important to know what steps a moving company will take to protect your furniture and home. This is often mistaken as movers aiming to run up the clock on your move.  What is expected?

  • Shrink Wrap– This is large sheet of plastic wrap that go around a piece a furniture or appliance to protect the surface and keep doors closed.
  • Moving Blankets– Material covered in plastic isn’t going to be able breath, something to consider if your items may sit in storage for a while. Moving blankets provide both a cushion as well as a protective layer.
  • Ramps and Dollies- Hand truck dollies, appliance dollies make it easy and safe to transport large items.
  • Tie Downs: Once the furniture is loaded on the truck, hooks and tie downs will be used to hold large items in place. This prevents shifting during transit.



B&W Moving 2 Packing Tips

B&W Moving weekly moving/packing tips

  1. Pack an overnight bag: There is a great chance you’ll be too tired to unpack your items.  Include things like a change of clothes, your toiletries, laptop, snacks, etc.duffle bag
  2. Pack the items you need first in a clear plastic bin: This would include paper towels, tissue, silver ware, trash bags, select cookware,  cable box, power cords, phone chargers, sheets, comforter, etc. The clear bin gives you a more visual and separate itself from your cardboard boxes.


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Long Distance Moving Cost

How much does it cost to move state to state?

The average move for an local move is estimated to be around $1,150 while the average long distance moving price is about $5,000. Keep in mind professional movers tend to charge by the mileage rather than the time. Variables used in long distance moves:

  1. Mileage
  2. Shipment weight
  3. Rates
  4. Valuation and Insurance
  5. Add on service

Ex: Mark is relocating to Fort Lauderdale,Florida from Raleigh, NC. He has a 2 bed room apartment. The selected long distance moving company will take the tare weight and minus the weight of your shipment(at a weigh station). This determines shipment weight. Mark’s shipment weighs 4,500 lbs.  The distance between the two states are 781 mi.

Let’s say the moving company choose to charge $76.80 per mile. 781 x 76.80= $3, 456.

Currently mileage rates for gas $0.65 x 1,562= $1,015.30 (this is fuel incurred leaving and returning back to company origin).

Total estimated cost: $4,471.30

This is only an estimate.


Three Estimates for Long Distance Moving & Interstate Moves.

Every legal moving company that transport your household, have three types of estimates. Before picking the type of estimate you want to receive,  you will want to know the different types and how they will affect the final price of your move.

Non-binding estimates:

After evaluating your goods, your Long Distance Moving company will provide you with the estimated cost of the move.

Certainly, the movers aim to give you the best estimate possible, the mover won’t be able to tell you the actual cost of the move until everything is weighed on your moving day. Once your shipment is weighed, your movers will adjust the price. Actual charge shall be determined after all services have been completed. Depending on whether the shipment is more or less than what was estimated, the cost will either increase or decrease.

Binding And  Guaranteed:

A binding estimate, the mover will assess your goods and give you an estimate for the move. This estimate is final and will not change depending on the actual weight of the shipment. It’s important to know if shipment is below the estimate, you still have to pay the agreed-upon price.

Binding And Not-To- Exceed:

A binding not-to-exceed estimate, the cost of your move will never go above the estimated price. At the same time, if the total weight of the shipment is actually lower than what is estimated, the price will be lowered.

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